Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Return of The Belle

Welcome Home, Belle!

Belle completed her evaluation with Lori (at right), the newest of her favorite persons. After a very cheerful, enthusiastic greeting from Belle I was relieved to find she hadn't forgotten me. This completes the first half of Belle's training and starting in May we will begin the last half as a "Big Dog".

Lori tells me that Belle has things to work on, but that's normal. If she didn't, she'd be ready to graduate. Lori noted Belle's strengths such as retaining her focus in people public places such as shopping centers. She also noted that animal public places such as Petco were more difficult for Belle to focus. Lori also said she was a good problem solver - always thinking while playing or working cues.

I will continue to work with her recall, kennel and counter-surfing skills (the latter to downplay them). Lori was concerned that she may have created a bit of a monster when she taught Belle how to get her dish. Belle now loves to get her dish.

Aaah, gotta go. With the return of Belle, Ole the Cat has reverted to form and just knocked Belle's food container off the counter. Guess this is my chance to practice "leave it" while I clean up.

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