Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bunnies - 0, Canines/Felines - 1

It was bound to happen with the number of bunnies we have living in our yard. But it wasn't pleasant.

Last night, I took the dogs out for their evening constitutional and to call the cats in for the night. Both cats were already in the yard, which was odd. Normally, I call them and ten minutes later they show up yowling. My first clue that something was up was the interest Belle had in something I couldn't see. And the cats had the same interest. They all went for it at the same time and Belle won the race. Now, with two little feet hanging out of her mouth, she starts a game of chase, not only with the cats, but with the puppy. It's almost 10:00, we're now making all this noise (the puppy's barking, I'm calling Belle and telling her to give), finally, I went in and got Molly to help me corral the crew. I also snagged some yogurt and a spoon knowing that if we did catch Belle the only way we were going to get the thing out of her mouth was to tempt her with the only treat that works for every situation.

Surprisingly, Molly caught her quickly. The yogurt worked its magic, and Belle dropped the bunny - right in to the gaping jaws of Cody. The cats were foiled again. I left Molly with the yogurt and Belle and headed off to catch the pup, who had immediately bolted with his prize. Thankfully, he went to his "safe" place and catching him was a snap. Unfortunately, so was the little bunny's neck, snapped that is. Finally, the bunny disposed of and the fun over, all the creatures consented to come inside for the night.

I sure hope our resident hawk starts getting down to business so the cats and dogs won't find such prizes in the future. And Molly and I won't feel as if we have bunny blood on our hands.


carrot said...

Oh, my! That's quite a ruckus. I really wish you could bring them all to my house, aka Bunny Central. I could use some "animal control."

slatta said...

Gracie isn't the fastest dog in the world, so she really appreciates those helpless little baby bunnies lying in their grass burrows. Several times a summer, I find dead babies discarded on the lawn. It always breaks my heart, although now that she's not patrolling our back yard I'm worried that we'll have even more of a rabbit problem than usual!

Our cats are indoor cats, otherwise they'd probably get in on the action too.