Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Thank-you, Merci mitenand, Grazi, Danke

What a great week for reader input. I've gotten so many ideas for new posts I'm wondering how I'm going to keep it to one post a day. Today's idea came from Belle being meme'd by Sara, Noted Children's Author and has to do with an article she shared with me from the NY Times called, "If You Want To Know If Spot Loves You, It's In His Tail".

The article, in a nutshell, summarizes research done on tail wagging that suggests that when a dog really loves someone or is really happy the tail wags to the right. It wags to the left when the dog is uncertain or fearful.

So dear readers, although we don't have the cool cages that measure the dog's responses, we can still observe our pups behaviour with our own eyes. What do you think - in your experience, does the research bear out? Inquiring minds want to know!

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