Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Big Dog - Big Class!

Last night we had our first Big Dog Class. This class is a combination of several different litters and there's even some gorgeous black labs. We spent class time getting to know each other. We did the dog "polka" and dosey-do'd (worked cues) with different dog partners much of the night. It was really fun to see the skills of the other dogs, and to see them readily perform their cues for a different handler. My favorite moment of the night happened when Liv (Belle's sister) and I shared a turn. At one point, she got a little frustrated. She laid down, put her head between her paws and gave me eyebrows - just like Belle does! The only way I knew it wasn't Belle is that Liv is definitely a darker gold than Belle. I just chuckled seeing her use the same mannerism to express her disgust at not knowing what or how to do what I asked.

I'm really looking forward to some of the field trips Eileen is planning for our Tuesday night group. It's always great fun to go to new places and work on skills, but to still have a resource to ask questions of if I don't understand how to work with Belle in a specific situation is priceless.

I already think Belle is remarkably skilled - I can't wait to see how great she and all the others in our new Tuesday Night class will be a year from now.


HP WI Outpost said...

Great time at first big dog class! Enjoyed meeting all of the people and dogs from other group. Am looking forward to the field trips this summer.

Speak(er) said...

Marie - I didn't get a chance to tell you that Dozer has the best Logo pose of any HP dog. Every time Eileen gathered us round to listen or ask questions, Doze kept his head up and eye on you the whole time. It's truly amazing!