Saturday, June 16, 2007


Imagine my shock to come home to discover the "boys" at the keyboard. My apologies to all golden retriever lovers out there in "Speak" world. I hope you won't be too offended by their rhetoric.

Speaking of which, Molly and Ben may have made them "real", but their language is, well, real odd. They can't say their l's, despite all the hours of speech therapy that Molly and Ben put them through. Instead, they replace every "l" with an "r". It can be kind of confusing, sometimes hilarious (you should hear them try to say, "literally"), but always pure Fuzz and Fizz.

Cody and Belle did have some fun at Fizz's expense, but it wasn't as bad as they make it out. I rescued Fizz before any harm was done. Yes, he may have been slimed, but what else is new. How do you think he got "well-loved" enough to be real in the first place?

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