Thursday, August 2, 2007

London Bridge is Falling Down

The old nursery rhyme came to mind as I was musing what to write this morning. Yesterday's bridge collapse is never far from my thoughts. For six years I saw this bridge just below my office windows in the WBOB building on Washington and 35W. Two days ago, I crossed it twice - the second time sitting on the bridge for 10 minutes or so due to the maintenance construction. I had Belle with me both times.

Like many, I'm wondering and hoping that the death toll will go down, the lost will be found safe, and the cause of the collapse will be no-one's fault. But it's just the beginning of life without the bridge. In all the speculation to come and possible finger pointing, I hope we won't forget the images that stick in my mind the most - our paid rescue workers working along side the civilians that just couldn't help but lend a hand. Carrying the injured away from the danger, holding the hands of the wounded waiting for help.

I hope too, that we recognize that it doesn't need to take a bridge falling down to reach out to each other. Not all tragedies are so large, but they're tragedies none the less. A "helping paw" is always welcome.

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Sara Latta said...

Lu, I'm so glad to read your post. Alison is fine, too.

How sad.