Friday, August 3, 2007

A Carousel of Canines

No, Belle and Bella's braces aren't locked. They are actually playing tug-o-war with a tennis ball, albeit somewhat half-heartedly. Cody is refereeing to make sure they don't use their paws.

These three are great companions. I've been pleasantly surprised by how calm they are. It's hard to believe I would have said that just two months ago. I love to watch their games of chase - Bella can execute the coolest 360 at top speed I've ever seen - and never breaks stride as she's doing it. Cody is often a half-step behind, which usually means they all go down in a heap when the leader stops unexpectedly and Cody plows into the girls at full tilt. They never seem to mind, they just get up and tear off in the other direction. We've had a lot of fun with "find the kibble". Whenever I note a passerby or a dog going by in front, I toss some kibble into the yard and the three of them go into search mode immediately. Dogs? People? Who cares - there's food to find!

Even walking three dogs is easy - unless I stop to say hello to someone. I haven't quite figured out how to keep them all in their sit for greeting when they're so convinced they must say hello. I figure if that's the worst thing that happens this week, we're doing really well.

Another thing I love is the different meaning that "circle puppy" has taken on. When Belle gets really cuddly, she curls up in a tight little circle with her head resting on her tail which in turn, is covering her paws. For Bella, circle puppy is her doggy doo doo dance. She will circle at least twice and sometimes three times before she feels she's in her PPP (perfect pooping position). Finally, for Cody the "circle puppy" is his doggy dinner dance. When we bring up his food, he rushes to his designated spot hopping the whole way in a funny little gait and capping it off with a happy little circle dance. Then he sits and waits for me to serve all the dogs.

What fun.

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