Saturday, August 4, 2007

R.I.P. Squeaker Ball

Squeaker Ball. The last, oldest, and most favorite of Belle's toys. You came in her Puppy Pack that we received as a gift when we picked up Belle. You provided hours of fetch, and step-ball, and squeaking. You were prized by all dogs that visited our house. A simple squeak from you would never fail to bring Belle, and any of her friends that happened to be visiting, on a fast break to my side. Hide and seek won't be the same without you. How can I ever tantalize Cody and Belle again as I moved from room to room finding a place to hide you? Oh, how they'd bolt when I finally gave the magic words, "find Squeaker Ball"! Despite all the dogs, and tugs of war, and dedicated chewing, you soldiered on - providing the best Squeaker Ball action ever loved by dog. Alas, with so much dog love (and drool), you were bound to grow old, deflated, and most sadly, lose your Squeak.

R.I.P. Squeaker Ball - we will miss you!

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carrot said...

So long, Squeaker Ball! I hope that you are now in a better place -- i.e., a place without puppy teeth or dog drool.