Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Class Act And An Update On A Classic

We had class last night!

That might sound like a strange sentiment coming from someone who had a less than stunning academic career, but it's true. Belle and I were ecstatic about going back to class after a three week lay-off necessitated by Team Training. I mentioned my feelings to Marie, (my Tuesday night carpool pal) and she felt the same way. When we got to the Training Center, it was clear all of us in the Tuesday Night Big Dogs shared our enthusiasm for being together again. If we'd had tails they would have been wagging faster than the tails of our dogs.

Speaking of tail wagging, I woke up this morning actually chuckling over the memory of Bella's tail wagging the night before. At the end of class, we had our usual Q & A. Rachel, Bella's mom, related how Bella was a bit "spooked" by all the Halloween creatures they were encountering on their daily romps. Her question of how we should handle our dog's reactions was timely - and Eileen gave us several options. Bella, however, hearing her name mentioned, decided to demonstrate to the whole class how "tense" this whole Halloween business was making her. She rolled over and lay flat on her back, modestly covering her privates with her gorgeous tail. Of course, as soon as we noticed this, we all started laughing. That prompted Bella to start wagging her tail - upside down! Talk about your Halloween Tricks!

On another note; Rachel also gave me the background of a song I had mentioned in a previous post, "Red And Yellow And Pink And Green... . She told me that it was a song her parents had sung to her as a child and that it came from one of their favorite movies. I googled the lyrics today to find out more and discovered that the song was written by Arthur Hamilton for the movie "Pete Kelly's Blues". In the movie, the song was sung by Peggy Lee. And now, I guess I know "the rest of the story".

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