Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"Giving Is Receiving"

(Slideshow courtesy of MN National Guard)

It's been a big week for Belle and I. On Friday night we attended the Fall 2007 Graduation and celebrated as Claudia and Koda, Sammi and Maddy, Janice and Kona, Starr and Cooper, and Deb and Trixie launched their new lives together.

The graduation speeches given by the human partners are always so eloquent, so heartfelt. But one thought in particular has stuck with me all week. So much so, that I used it in a demonstration Belle and I did yesterday for the National Guard Federal Campaign kick-off. The theme of the graduation speech was that giving is receiving.

The purpose of my demonstration yesterday was to give members of our National Guard examples of how the funds that they contribute to the Federal Campaign will be used. As I looked out at the faces of the men and women who give the ultimate in personal service, I wondered how I could ask more of those who give so much already. And so I didn't ask. I let the beautiful video that Helping Paws recently produced tell our story. I asked Belle to do what she does so well; entertain, enthrall, educate and charm. I thanked the group for all they do to keep us safe - at home and abroad. I also told them about Claudia's graduation comments. How for me, as a Helping Paws foster home for Belle, giving really is receiving.

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