Friday, November 30, 2007

Rally Around

Well, I was one dog down for just a few days. Eileen was kind enough to lend me another delightful pooch - Rally. Rally is Dozer's sister. Like Dozer, Rally has the sweetest temperament. Like Belle, she is extremely enthusiastic. Like Cody, she likes to put her paw on you when you're just sitting around.

I get a kick out of the picture at left because it is so not Rally. She always has a grin, is hardly ever still unless you ask her to drop, and is so darn puppy like she's just adorable! Her photo at right is much more her - with a grin to light up the world.

Go ahead. I double dog dare ya'. Try to look at her at not grin back.


carrot said...

I thought that picture above was Captain Cody Bumphead! It has that same officious, serious, sea-captainy look! Are Rally and Cody getting along?

Speak(er) said...

They are! I'm starting to think I must be doing something when I take the dogs' pictures. Molly usually gets them grinning, I always seem to get them doing the black and white, formal photo - circa 1900 look, aka the Captain Cody Bumphead pose.