Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Charming Charlie

Charlie leaves today. Belle, Molly and I are really going to miss him.

Charlie has only been here five days, but already he's won a place in my golden Hall of Fame. He's such a loving boy, with a gentle yet strong personality that isn't afraid to let Belle know when she's gone too far. I know I will miss his big head each time I sit down - and find it placed softly in my lap while his whole body wags with happiness. I will miss the way he likes to take my wrist, oh so carefully, in his mouth when I return from upstairs or outside - as if to say, "don't leave again, please?" I will miss how patiently he endures his ear cleaning and medicine. All he asks in return is a little head scritching. I will miss his love of all things ball, bone, and paper.

Yesterday, on our walk through Macalester, the grounds crew stopped to greet us. All were amazed that this big boy is so young, yet so calm and so well-behaved. They expressed wonder at how beautiful the dogs are that I continue to bring to their campus. I feel honored to be so welcome there with these pups. Charlie - you will be an incredible service dog some day!

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