Friday, December 7, 2007

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

On December 2nd, "Speak" had its first birthday. Belle has provided many stories - 244 to be exact - of her training experiences. There's been lots of photos, new tricks for me (slideshows and videos, oh my!), great comments from readers, and even a poem or two.

If anyone should doubt the power of the internet, consider these usage statistics tracked by Google Analytics (tracking began March 23):

Total # of visits: 6220
# of continents: 6 (they must be too cold in Antarctica)
# of countries: 61
# of US territories/states: 51 (only New Hampshire has no visits)
# of languages used: 26

Amazing, isn't it? Belle the Wonder Dog has shared her wonder throughout the world, not just mine.

Thank-you for sharing our training journey with us.

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